Handmade furnishings with built in technology

Turn your conference room or boardroom into the high tech workspace your business demands with ioWorks Sense Technologies. Our furnishing come with optional embedded sensors and features. Built in WIFI, Remote Access and environmental sensors are just a few.

Talk to your sales agent about your custom ioWorks Sense configuration today!

Built in power modules

Power is always needed in log meeting. USB, charging ports and AC power outlets come in a varity of configurtions and access options. We can build custom power boxes or install from a varity of vendors. Be sure to ask about the various configurations and options that are available.

Built in WIFI access point

Thats right a built in access point with a captive portal for your guests. Easily configurable technology allows you to provide easy guest access to your conference room WIFI internet access. No more shared passwords or complicated connections. 

Health temp and humidity

Custom furniture needs to be happy. Just like your guests the environment is everything. Maintain a healthy environment for your guests and your furnishings with alerts from your Iintelligent office Works furniture. Your new conference will send alerts when the humidity or temprature in your conference room in unhealthy both for your furnithre and your guests.

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