track your project 

Our propritary tracking systems allows you to get real time updates via email and online and log into your custom private url for build details.

view photos

 Watch your new comission come to life as the artisans work their magic. View photos from start to finish as your new piece is documented during all phases.

make comments

Communicate with your artisan to discuss your project. Work through colors and sizing details by working directly with our team an our online systems.

Order Tracking and the ioWorks Process

Live Updates

Every project is automatically entered into the ioWorks Build Queue. You get a tracking link to view photos and check the status at any time. Get project updates VIA email and view photos of your project from your phone or computer. You can even check delivery details and tracking info.

Our 10 Step Process

We use these steps to provide clear points of review as part of our quaility control process and all tracked on the ioWorks platform .

step 1 – build list

Your new project has been added to the build list. The shop now has your project in hand and will start identifying and selecting your materials.

step 6 – staining and finishing

The is where the real magic happens on your new furniture. We will hand apply stain and paint as needed according to your project requirements. Once all the staining and coloring is finished we will apply any scheduled clear coats.

step 2 – material selection

The Shop manager is reviewing the details of your order and selecting your materials. Once selected your project will be assigned to a craftsman to begin the build process.

step 7 – final fit and finish

Congratulations! Your project has reached the final build step. We will now do a final quality check, add any details or hardware and hand wax and polish your new furnishings.

step 3 – cut and layout

The Craftsman assigned to your project has begun laying out your project and will start cutting and shaping your new furniture.

step 8 – packing and crating

Your project is being prepared to ship. We are now disassembling the item, carefully packaging the pieces, crating them and getting them ready for safe travel during the long and rough journey in the back of a freight truck. Now is the time to review our guide on receiving your new furnishings.

step 4 – glue and assemble

We will now begin to assemble, glue and clamp your items. We will be rough cutting your pieces, shaping them and putting it all together. This is where we will bring the rough wood and metal work together and start to work on your accent options.

step 9 – delivery scheduled

Your project pieces have been packed up and are ready to ship. The shipping Company has been contacted and your table has been scheduled for pickup. Please check our receiving your new furnishings guide.

step 5 – sanding and shaping

The core aspect of your project has been built and is now in the sanding and shaping. Here we will fill any voids, sand and smooth all surfaces and edges and get your piece shaped and ready to finish.

step 10 – project shipped

We did our part. Your project has been shipped and is on its way to you. Be sure to get everything ready to receive on your end. You will need to be present for your delivery. You will need 2 to 4 people to unpack and carry your items into your building. You will need some basic tools to complete assembly. Approximate assembly time is 4 hours.

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