ioWorks.Shop Studio & Team

The iWorks manufacturing facility is located on a 7 acre private farm. Our facility is over 10,000 sqft of finishing, fabrication and shipping space.

Our Custom Woodshop

Our custom shop consists of varous departments Our woodshop is over 6000 sqft of custom table building space. Wth room to build over 20 projects at one time our space is the greatest!

Our Custom Metal Fabrication

ioWorks fabricates all of our own steel bases, accessories and steel framed furniture. We have welding, cutting and shaping capabilities as well as sculpting and bending experience.

Our Custom Finishing

We take pride in our finishes and our secrets  are never revealed. The finishing techniques are a family secret. Our Finishing department is the best in the business. Every piece is handpanted, stained and finished to specifications.

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