Policies and Information

Before You Buy

We at ioWorks want our customers to be happy with their furnishings. Please read the below information before you purchase to be sure our products are right for you. 

Wood in general and especially reclaimed wood varies greatly in grains and colors. Although we try our best to match the colors and grains in the photos displayed on our website we cannot guarantee the exact color match. Your new table may be a shade darker, lighter, or more/less distressed than how it appears in the photo. This is the beauty of purchasing reclaimed furniture. Most people embrace this concept and the uniqueness is part of why they order a custom reclaimed table.

Purchasing a custom made reclaimed furniture piece is like commissioning a painting from an artist. You can describe what the general look and feel of how you would like the painting to be but the artist is going to paint the piece in their own style. This is similar to how it works with ordering a custom piece built from reclaimed wood. Please talk to one of our artisans to make sure your visions are aligned and how much creative freedom they may have.

Communications and Expectations

Purchasing custom furnishings can be a fun and exciting decision. Once purchased, you will be placed on our build list. In most cases you will be waiting 4 to 8 weeks for your new furniture to be ready for shipping.  You will receive access to our order tracking system so you can view photos and timelines. Many customers start calling and emailing us a week after making their purchase for updates, we understand your excitement but we will have nothing to tell you until we start the actual build process so  please check the website and your email for updates.


 Many customers also want us to send pictures of either the work in progress or the finished piece before delivery.  Pictures will be posted to your project tracking site. A semi-custom table or piece of furniture is typically built to our standards and any options are discussed prior to the build date. Pictures many times pictures do not really do the piece justice because the lighting is not the best in our shop for picture taking. Many times a customer will get a picture and then want to make changes to the color, design etc. and once a piece is built and or stained we can’t just go and make changes in the middle of the build process without causing delays. Once an item has been stained and set for delivery we cannot change the color without charging a refinishing fee so please check the site often.


Please see our shipping page for more details. Our furniture is heavy, it is crated in wooden crates that weigh hundreds of pounds. The minimum expectation is curbside delivery of your furniture in a wooden crate. We try to deliver most of our products with our own trucks because it gives us an opportunity to assist you in placement and setup. Sometimes we will need to ship your new furnishing VIA freight carrier like FedEx, UPS etc. If your furniture is shipped VIA carrier it will arrive on a truck with a lift gate, there will be curbside delivery only. The pieces will arrive in a wooden crate and will need to be un-crated and moved into your location and assembled by you the customer or someone you contract. The FedEx guy is not going to carry it in and setup your new furniture. It is a good idea to hire a local moving guy or contractor to do this for you, or you can accomplish this with a few friends and a screw gun, plan on a few hours to get this done. Be sure to ask us how it is being shipped when we contact you to schedule your delivery.

 If we ship your furnishings in one of our own trucks we will do our best to provide a turn key delivery with your assistance. Please understand we are not a shipping company, we will notify you prior to the truck leaving our shop and a general window when we will arrive, please clear your schedule for that day, or make arrangements to have someone on call to be available when we arrive. We typically do many deliveries when we make a delivery run and will not wait around for a customer. If a customer has a last minute meeting, can’t meet us or your table is going on the 5th floor and you have no elevator you will be open to a curbside delivery. We can’t take it back with us and many times we have other deliveries and your items may need to be unloaded in order for us to access the next customers items. Your delivery person most likely drove all night to get to you so please be understanding. A $389 dollar delivery fee is curbside and does not imply white glove service and your delivery person is not obligated to carry your items in and set them up unless you paid the $1200.00 white glove delivery fee over and above your order. We will arrive with only one person, so we will need assistance carrying your new furniture into your new location. Once unloaded we will do our best to get everything assembled. Please work with us to make this as smooth as possible. The alternative to customers that are not ready to assist us with unloading is curbside delivery.

 All of this said, we strive to provide the best experience possible by doing what we can to bring your items inside and set them up as a courtesy.

Some Things to Consider

Where is the furniture going?

Are there stairs?

Is there a service elevator?

Will what you ordered fit in the elevator or up the stairs?

Can you carry one end of a conference table? If not can you get someone to be available that can?

Are you prepared to meet late in the evening or on the weekend if necessary?

Will it fit down the hallway?

If you have any concerns, or you want guaranteed inside delivery talk to your sales representative and we can work out any issues.


Because all furniture at icWorks is custom made and there is a lot of effort that goes into a custom piece even before assembly begins. Accordingly once an order is accepted by us all sales are considered final. We reserve the right to provide refunds for any reason at our sole discretion. Please be assured that we will do everything possible to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

 Returns or Exchanges

 icWorks does not offer returns or exchanges. We do completely guarantee our work against defects in workmanship or materials. Please see our Guarantee page for more information.

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